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About Me

With 25 years of experience in healthcare IT implementation, Emmanuel began his career at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, working as an assistant manager for a billing system implementation.


Shaping Futures, Sparking Curiosity, Igniting Minds: The Power of Passionate Teaching.

This Slogan highlights the profound impact that someone who is dedicated and enthusiastic can have on students. I have been charged with not only imparting knowledge, but also inspire a deep sense of curiosity and love for learning.

System Life Cycle:

System Life Cycle is an engaging and comprehensive course designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the various stages involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems. Throughout the course, students will explore key concepts, methodologies, and best practices associated with each phase of the system life cycle, from planning and analysis to design, implementation, and evaluation.

Introduction to Health Information Systems:

Introduction to Health Information Systems is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of the various technologies and applications used in the healthcare industry to manage patient information, improve clinical workflows, and enhance the overall quality of care. This course is ideal for students pursuing careers in healthcare, informatics, or health information management.

Nursing Informatics:

Nursing Informatics is a dynamic and interdisciplinary course designed to introduce nursing professionals to the integration of nursing science, computer science, and information science. This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize health information technologies, enhance patient care, and improve overall healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare Informatics & Data Analytics:

Healthcare Informatics & Data Analytics is an in-depth course designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to effectively analyze and interpret vast amounts of healthcare data, ultimately driving improvements in patient care and operational efficiency. This course is well-suited for healthcare professionals, data analysts, and IT specialists seeking to expand their expertise in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare informatics.

Introduction to HL7:

Introduction to HL7 is a fundamental course designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Health Level Seven (HL7) international standards for transferring clinical and administrative data between various healthcare information systems. This course is ideal for healthcare professionals, IT specialists, and students seeking to enhance their knowledge in the field of healthcare interoperability and data exchange.

Database Concepts:

understanding of the fundamental principles and techniques involved in designing, implementing, and managing databases. This course is ideal for aspiring database professionals, IT specialists, and students seeking to develop a strong foundation in database management systems. Throughout the course, students will explore key concepts such as data models, database design, normalization, and indexing.

Technology’s Effect on Life!

Professor Bazile is a dedicated technology instructor and Adjunct Faculty professor, who began his teaching career in April 2000 at the Business Career Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.






Let’s Talk Integration


25 Years of HL7 Integration Experience

With 25 years of HL7 experience, Dr. Bazile is a seasoned expert in healthcare information exchange and interoperability. His extensive knowledge and practical expertise make them an invaluable resource in the ever-evolving field of healthcare technology.


HL7 engines used to implement Interface solutions

Orion Rhapsody, OpenLink, JCAPS, Cerner Openengine, McKesson DEX, BizTalk (Administration)


Developed over 10,000 interfaces

Dr. Bazile has demonstrated exceptional expertise in healthcare information technology by developing over 10,000 HL7 interfaces over the years. They include ADT, ORM, ORU, MDM, SIU, DFT, VXU, BAR, OMP, RDS, RAS, PPR… Click Here for a full list


Integration Project Management

Successfully managed over 30 HL7 integration projects, ensuring seamless data exchange between EMRs and Ancillary Systems.


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